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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Get Setup?

A.It usually takes approximately 72 hours depending on how fast you get the intake form back to us.

Do I Have To Leave My Credit Card For The Free Trial?

No there is not credit card needed for a FREE Trial.

How Long Is The Free Trial?

Our FREE trial period is 14 days.

Do The Live Operators Speak English?

Yes, all of our operators are proficient in English with good writing and grammar skills.

How Do I Know If Live Chat Is Right For Me?

Live chat is good for anyone who has an active website. You must have a minimum of 200 visitors per month to your website for minimal results. Sites with more traffic have better results.

When You Say 24/7 Do You Really Mean It?

Yes, we provide 24/7 Live Chat support to your website. You can easily test this yourself by trying your live chat out anytime of the day.

How Do Your Agents Know About My Products And Services?

We provide you with an intake form so you can supply us with all of the products and services that you offer. We suggest that we do not bring up pricing during live chat. We have found that informing the client and then getting them to have someone call them back to discuss pricing is better.

How Are Leads Sent To Me?

After every live chat session, your Live Operator will send the lead to the email you supply us with. You should receive it within (5) minutes of the end of the chat depending on how fast your email provider is.

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